Located in Calgary, Alberta and established in 2006, Water by Design has become the premiere indoor and outdoor water feature builder in Alberta; designing and building hundreds of features throughout the province.

We have built our company through hard work and emphasis on our client’s needs and are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all outdoor construction and a 10-year warranty on all indoor features. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients.

We create world class features with a small company customer experience.


Add life to your home with a natural or contemporary water feature. Split your room with a beautiful rain curtain or free standing glass water wall. Bring the outdoors in with a natural water fall and pond.


We transform outdoor spaces with water features and natural rock hardscapes. We can handle any size job- from single bubbler rocks to paradises covering entire yards. Anything from bubbler rocks, water falls, stream beds, ponds, stainless steel water blades, water towers and stone, slate or glass water walls can be the focal point of your yard.


Enhance the atmosphere and visual appeal of your space with an indoor and/or outdoor design. Create a relaxing background sound with a water feature for all to enjoy.


Water By Design can design, build and maintain new and existing indoor and outdoor water features. We also can refurbish and trouble shoot competitor’s water features.

Indoor Maintenance – We can take care of all water wall maintenance needs. We have a regular program set up once we install a new water wall for our clients. We also take on competitor’s water walls that are causing problems. The indoor maintenance can be done as little as once a year with the proper set up. If you want to take this on yourself, Water by Design will be there to guide you through the step by step process to keep your feature looking great all the time.

Outdoor Maintenance – Water by Design can take care of all your outdoor maintenance from seasonal startup and shut down to all maintenance in between. We also store pond equipment over the winter to make your water feature completely hands off. When your water feature is first completed, a Water By Design team member will go over both of these options in detail.

In addition to a startup and shut down, water by design provides a seasonal service to take care of any outdoor features. This includes routine cleaning of pond equipment, removing debris and adding water treatment products to keep water clear.